quantum dots

Quantum dots (QDs) are small particles of semiconductor material with typical diameters in the range of 1-10 nanometers. As a result of the quantum confinement, quantum dots exhibit unique physical and optical properties that are not present in bulk materials. A material particle is denoted as a quantum dot if the size of the material particle is smaller than the Bohr radius, i.e. the size of particle is less than the extension of the electron-hole pair in bulk material. In this case, an exciton formed in the quantum dot has no degrees of freedom and no motion is possible for the exciton. Quantum dots have discrete adjustable energy levels similar to atoms rather than the energy band structure of bulk semiconductors. Quantum dots have attracted broad attention in the fields of physics, chemistry, and biology for their unique chemical and physical properties as well as their potential technological applications as, for example, biomedical optical probes, solar energy conversion materials and diode laser materials.

Most of the photo-physical transitions of quantum dots can be simulated by SimphoSOFT® current set of Transition Modules. By representing possible electron-holes combinations in QDs as “energy levels”, one can use Absorption, Relaxation, and Stimulate Emission SimphoSOFT® blocks to simulate single-exciton formation, free carrier absorption, exciton relaxation/recombination, stimulated emission, Impact ionization, and Auger recombination. Please, contact Simphotek support staff [link] for more details.

See also: Single-photon absorption, Two-photon absorption, Three-photon absorption, Stimulated emission, Relaxation.

SimphoSOFT logo SimphoSOFT® supports modeling the photo-physics of quantum dots. App Notes

SimphoSOFT® can be purchased as a single program and can be also configured with Energy Transfer add-on ET add-on, Multi-Beam add-on Multi-beam add-on, Optimization add-on Optimization add-on, Z-scan add-on Z-scan add-on, and MPA Info+ add-on MPA Info+ add-on for an additional charge. Please, contact our sales staff for more information
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