A photo-activated material is a material that absorbs light, resulting in one or more modifications to the material energy states or properties. For example, the optical excitation of one or more electrons in the photo-activated material from the ground state to excited states can result in fluorescence, phosphorescence, energy transfer, electron transfer, stimulated emission, a chemical change or a physical change such as melting.


See also: Energy level, Single-photon absorption, Two-photon absorption, Three-photon absorption, Multi-photon absorption, Relaxation, Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, Energy transfer and energy transfer with upconversion, Upconversion, Cross-relaxation.

SimphoSOFT logo SimphoSOFT® has been mainly designed for simulating of many aspects of light propagation through a large class of photo-activated materials. Energy levels and electronics transitions are added and modified within SimphoSOFT Material CAD as geometric objects. The software converts these objects into numerical code automatically according to the company’s patented algorithm of “Active Photonic Building Blocks”. This allows users to model photo-physics of photo-activated materials, e.g., multi-photon absorbers, with non-trivial energy level diagrams. SimphoSOFT logo

SimphoSOFT® can be purchased as a single program and can be also configured with Energy Transfer add-on ET add-on, Multi-Beam add-on Multi-beam add-on, Optimization add-on Optimization add-on, Z-scan add-on Z-scan add-on, and MPA Info+ add-on MPA Info+ add-on for an additional charge. Please, contact our sales staff for more information
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Copyright 2013 Simphotek, Inc. USA