An energy level diagram illustrates the various discrete energy levels (or, energy states) for an atom, ion or molecule. An energy level diagram may include only electronic states, only vibrational states or both electronic and vibrational states.

One type of energy level diagram, called a Jablonski diagram, illustrates both the electronic states of an atom, ion or molecule and electronic transitions between the states which this atom, ion or molecule can undergo. The states are stacked vertically, so that the ones with higher energy are placed higher in the stack. The diagram may contain several stacks, each of which having the states of the same spin multiplicity (e.g., singlet-singlet or triplet-triplet states). Examples of electronic transitions include absorption (single-photon or multi-photon), relaxation (fluorescence, phosphorescence, internal conversion and intersystem crossing (ISC) between spin manifolds), upconversion, cross-relaxation and stimulated emission.


See also: Energy level, Single-photon absorption, Two-photon absorption, Three-photon absorption, Multi-photon absorption, Relaxation, Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, Energy transfer and energy transfer with upconversion, Upconversion, Cross-relaxation.

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