An electromagnetic field is a physical vector quantity associated with each point of space and time in the vicinity of moving electrical charges. The electromagnetic field of one moving charge can interact with and affect the motion of other electrical charges. An electromagnetic field is a combination of both an electric field and a magnetic field and can be described either by classical waves or by using quantum mechanics. In the classical wave description, an electromagnetic field is smooth and continuous and is described by Maxwell’s equations. In the quantum field description, an electromagnetic field is composed of discrete photons.

SimphoSOFT® can be purchased as a single program and can be also configured with Energy Transfer add-on ET add-on, Multi-Beam add-on Multi-beam add-on, Optimization add-on Optimization add-on, Z-scan add-on Z-scan add-on, and MPA Info+ add-on MPA Info+ add-on for an additional charge. Please, contact our sales staff for more information
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